Click Here for overlay map of 50k, 100k, and 112k Routes

(Historic Fiddletown)
While the four-day NorCal AIDS Cycle event in May has traditionally traveled the gentle hills and flats of the valley (after all, it's 4 days!), October 8th is time to get out your climbin' legs...


50km ROUTE (click for map)

Cyclists on the 50km Pumpkin Pedal route will get to enjoy a scenic and rolling ride through post-harvest foothills wine, orchard, and pasture country.   The tiny towns of River Pines, Aukum, Tylers Corner, and Fiddletown dot the route and offer a glimpse into the region’s past.  While it’s certainly not flat (1300’ of climbing overall), the gentle gradients and two rest stops on the route offer plenty of opportunity to catch your breath and make it a fun, casual day.

100km ROUTE (click for map)

The 100km offers cyclists big bang for your buck – 61 miles of early autumn riding with almost 4000’ of climbing through idyllic foothills countryside.   You’ll see almost every type of terrain the Sierra has to offer, from flat green pastures to bare granite cliffs.  The lightly traveled route will lead riders past some world famous wineries and through numerous small towns – Plymouth, Aukum, Melsons Corner, Fairplay, and Fiddletown – as well as in and out of the Cosumnes River gorge.  There are a number of steep but short climbs so make sure to hit all four fully-stocked rest stops and pace yourself accordingly!


112km ROUTE (click for map) - NEW FOR 2011!

For cyclists looking for a late Fall challenge before the Winter rains set in, it's the 112km "Great Pumpkin" Pedal Route, Charlie Brown!  The 112 follows the 100km route until mile 40, when it takes a sharp left turn up infamous Slug Gulch, climbing 1300’ in 5 miles with several 15% grade pitches. Once at the top, you’ll be treated to one of the nicest descents in the foothills before rejoining the 100km route.  This route has everything a cyclist could want – awesome and varied scenery, smooth pavement, light car traffic, fully stocked rest stops, challenging climbs, and exhilarating descents.